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Guidelines for the Development of the Youth Worker Philosophy Statement

The Philosophy Statement is a personal reflection on the beliefs and values related to one’s role as a youth worker and should describe the role of the candidate as a youth worker, inspirations within that role and the definition of excellence and purpose in the viewpoint of the candidate in terms of youth work.

Your Philosophy Statement is a short, one page document that should function both as a stand-alone essay that describes your personal approach to youth work, and as a central component of the youth worker dossier. Your statement should not simply describe your experiences and initiatives in teaching, but should provide a systematic rationale that focuses on the important components defining youth work. It is personal and reflective, drawing on your own experiences as a youth worker.

Your statement of youth work philosophy should:
-    clarify what you believe youth work to be
-    explain what you hope to achieve through your work and effort
-    contextualize your strategies and other evidence of effective youth work
-    promote and provide an opportunity for reflection and professional development in youth work
-    provide a means for others to learn from your experiences.