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Modavi ONLUS

The Modavi Onlus (Movement of Voluntary Associations Italian), certified ISO 9001:2000, is an association of social, voluntary and civil protection, based on  1996 and spread throughout the country through affiliated associations, groups of basic provincial federations and regional authorities. Modavi has 150 affiliated associations spread throughout the country. The many goals of Modavi Onlus are to serve in a direct way to promote and protect human rights and spread among citizens awareness solidarity, promote a voluntary active aiming, through the removal of the causes of discomfort to achieve a new model of society , to identify areas where social action through concrete steps to promote human solidarity. Moreover: fight to early school leaving, training courses, activities of integration for immigrants and support to disabled young people. Specifically, in relation to the project proposed, Modavi support to the civil service, promotion of international voluntary apprenticeship.