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About Project


The aim of the Project is the development of a process of certification by using ECVET system as an instrument, which gives youth workers in NGOs the possibility of assessment and validation of learning outcomes and recognition of qualifications across Europe,  particularly those acquired through experience acquired at work in non-formal and informal contexts.

Youth work in Europe is a progressive field that provide space and opportunities for young people to shape their own future  to mobilize and also has very important role in encouraging them to take responsibility and involved in shaping society. Youth sector employs and mobilize many people working mostly as part-time, periodical workers or on voluntary basis. In Europe, we only find a few countries which has formal higher education focused on youth field or developed vocational training, neither with well-established youth work policies and structures governed by public authorities with paid youth workers. As a result of methodology and nature of youth work, learning mostly takes place during the job with non-formal and informal processes. The main reason for the suggested project is primarily to develop system to validate and certify these learning outcomes and informal qualifications gained through experience, so as to greater recognition of youth worker as a profession.

The suggested project will lead to the development of an competence profile with the necessary qualifications that youth workers should have and learning outcomes supposed to achieved for/while working for an organization and in the sector in general. Further, the project will develop a system of certification using three main steps: (1) CV evaluation, (2) on-line test and (3) case study presentation. The participants in the pilot process, in each of the participating countries, will be tested on their knowledge, skills and competencies which they have acquired informally through their work. The successful participants will receive a European Certificate for Youth Workers of Non-governmental organizations. Further, the memorandum of understanding will be prepared to establish trust between partners on assessment procedures and learning outcomes of youth workers. The project web site and e-learning platform will be developed will information and materials for all interested parties, a network of NGOs will be created and a business plan will finally be composed for possibilities of commercialization of the European Certificate.